Don’t Miss A Deal | 10% OFF on Pinarello Cycling Apparel, USA

Pinarello Corsa Jerseys are cut ergonomically to perfectly shape to the movements of a cyclist in the riding position. Each detail is carefully executed, from fabric selection to construction finishing. All of these details enhance the riding experience.

Pinarello Women's Corsa Jersey 2017.jpg If you’re looking for the ultimate in a performance bib short, you need look no further than The FR-C Pro Bib Short. These shorts are designed to contour perfectly to the body, forming a second skin that makes every movement feel natural and comfortable.

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Tech Specs

  1. Designed for the full range of Spring/Summer temperatures.
  2. Breathable materials.
  3. Multiple fabrics used throughout the jersey paneling for optimum fit and performance.
  4. Perfect balance between the Pinarello Tour and Classic Collections.
  5. Three rear pockets.

We offer the best prices possible and are happy to price match, when possible.

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