Giordana’s Designers Scatto Short Sleeve Silver Line Jersey | Giordana Garment

The Trade Scatto Short Sleeve Jersey is the perfect blend of aerodynamic and technical fabrics. This jersey takes advantage of the fabrics and features from our FR-C collection combined with the fit of our Silver Line Jersey. The materials utilized are ideal for the sublimation process, providing Giordana’s Designers and design partners with a high tech canvas on which they can create a wide range of graphics with impeccable detailing.

Giordana's Designers Scatto Short Sleeve Silver Line Jersey

This is what makes The Trade Category of Garments so much fun. Unique sublimated graphics help you stand out from your local group ride, crit, or gran fondo while enjoying the comfort and performance you’d expect from a Giordana Garment

Tech Specs:

  • Gi27: front and side panels
  • Asteria 2.0: sleeves and shoulders
  • Doubled Asteria 2.0 arm cuffs
  • Host Carbon: back panel to support the pockets and prevent sagging
  • Two reflective strips along the centre jersey pocket
  • Gripper elastic at waist
  • CamLock Zipper
  • Fourth zippered pocket

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Premium level lightweight and breathable fabrics combined with Giordana’s Body Clone™ technology create the second skin fit that defines the FR-C jersey. It’s always racing ready and perfect for hot to moderate temperatures.

Giordana Women's FR-C Short Sleeve JerseyTech Specs:

  • Premium level fabrics
  • Body Clone™ Second skin fit
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Fast wicking || UV protection
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Pocket stabilizing I- Panel™
  • Thermo-fused™ arm cuffs
  • Ergo collar || Camlock zipper
  • Zipper guards || Rubber logos
  • Giordana Women’s Contour Fit

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The Authentic Astana 2017 Team clothing features a relaxed fit. The microfiber fabric, which has a unique dual interior and exterior construction, is a triple threat combating UV rays and odor as well as managing moisture to keep the rider cool and dry. 

Giordana Astana - Vero Pro Cycling Team Short Sleeve Jersey

Tech Specs:

  • Microfiber fabric
  • CamLock Zipper
  • Fine silicone interior waist gripper
  • Three rear cargo pockets
  • Reflective strip on the rear pocket

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The Giordana FR-C Trade “Heritage 1988” Short Sleeve Jersey is constructed of premium level materials, each fabric strategically utilized to create an extremely lightweight, breathable and race ready piece. The “Trade” collection FR-C Jersey is different in that it’s optimized for printable materials that utilize sublimated graphics.

This provides Giordana’s Designers and Design Partners with a high-performance canvas on which to create a wide range of graphics. This is what makes the Trade category of garments so much fun. Unique sublimated graphics help you stand out on your local group ride, crit, or gran fondo while enjoying the comfort and performance you’d expect from a Giordana Garment for Pro Team.

Giordana FR-C Trade Heritage Short Sleeve Jersey

Tech Specs:

  • Asteria 3.0™: front panel, side panels, and shoulders
  • Host Carbon™: back panel to support the pockets and prevent sagging
  • AeroFix™: arm cuffs and waistband
  • Zipper guards at top and bottom of zip.
  • Three rear pockets with flap for aero profile
  • 4th zippered pocket with reflective accent
  • CamLock™ Zipper

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Cycling Apparel Clearance | Fusion Short Sleeve Jersey | Sports Clothing

Mid-weight and ergonomically cut, the Fusion Short Sleeve Jersey is tailored to have a more relaxed overall fit. Made from a microfiber polyester/spandex fabric, the Fusion has a brushed low loft interior, is breathable and has ample stretch to ensure the perfect fit. Pixel® reflective piping adds visibility at the rear pockets. The three rear pockets are augmented with a fourth, secure zippered pocket.

Tailored to have a more relaxed overall fit in comparison to the A+V Collection, the Fusion Jersey conforms to the body in motion due to its high elasticity.

Giordana Women's Fusion Short Sleeve Jersey

Who’s it for?

For the rider who prefers a less form fitting cut that also allows space for multiple layers on the coldest of winter days. Everyone, from athletes just entering the sport to the most hardened master cyclists, will find lots of uses for this versatile and comfortable jersey

Tech Specs:

  • Tall ergo collar forms to protect neck
  • 3 cargo pockets with fourth zippered secure pocket
  • Soft fabric cuff with elasticity
  • Pixel® reflective piping adds visibility at the rear pockets


New! Giordana Moda Pro Bib Short | Classic Cycling

New! 2017 Giordana Moda Pro Bib Short is designed on a curve to clone your body’s natural riding position eliminating puckers and creases throughout your full range of motion.

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Tech Specs:

  • ·         220 gram 50 thread count Lycra fabric
  • ·         190E woven elastic leg cuffs
  • ·         Anti-abrasion seat panel fabric
  • ·         Ametista Carbon waist panel
  • ·         Stretchable, breathable, and stabilizing bib uppers
  • ·         Two reflective tabs on each side of the bib short
  • ·         Cirro S chamois

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