Giordana Cycling Short Sleeve Jersey | Sports Apparel 2017

The Giordana FR-C Short Sleeve Jersey is constructed of premium level materials, each fabric strategically utilized to create an extremely lightweight, breathable and race ready piece. The ‘Trade’ collection FR-C Jersey is different in that it’s optimized for printable materials that utilize sublimated graphics.

Giordana FR-C Short Sleeve Jersey.jpg

This provides Giordana’s Designers and Design Partners with a high performance canvas on which to create a wide range of graphics. This is what makes the Trade category of garments so much fun. Unique sublimated graphics help you stand out on your local group ride, crit, or gran fondo while enjoying the comfort and performance you’d expect from a Giordana garment.


  1. Asteria 3.0™: front panel, side panels, and shoulders.
  2. Host Carbon™: back panel to support the pockets and prevent sagging.
  3. AeroFix™: arm cuffs and waistband.
  4. Zipper guards at top and bottom of zip.
  5. Three rear pockets with flap for aero profile.
  6. 4th zippered pocket with reflective accent.
  7. CamLock™ Zipper.

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Cashback Offer | Giordana Cycling Bib Shorts For Men

The Giordana Moda Scatto Pro Bib Short is the perfect blend of technical fabrics combining printability and compression. The bib’s cut and sew pattern is constructed with nine stitches per centimeter and only 4mm of interior seam height for a sleeker and softer fit than ever before.

Giordana Moda Scatto Pro Bib Short 2017

Tech Specs:

  1. 220 gram, 50 thread count printed lycra
  2. Anti-abrasion seat panel fabric.
  3. 190 E woven elastic leg cuffs
  4. Stretchable, breathable, and stabilizing bib uppers
  5. Reflective tab on the back of the left leg
  6. Cirro chamois with Aloe Vera infusion

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Flat 10% Off | Pinarello Tour Jersey | Shop Now!

Are you waiting for Best Brand Cycling Jersey? One of the largest Online Cycling Apparel and Accessory Store is Classic Cycling. Pinarello Tour Jersey contour perfectly to the body and make every movement natural and comfortable. The fabrics, features and levels of detail in Tour Garments endow them with the fit and performance characteristics that will have you riding like a pro. 

Pinarello Tour Jersey - Black - Sky Blue.jpg

Tech Specs

  1. Designed for the full range of Spring/Summer temperatures
  2. Breathable materials
  3. Multiple fabrics used throughout the jersey paneling for optimum fit and performance
  4. Three rear pockets

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Amazing Offers on Le Col Pro Cycling Bib Shorts

When Le Col designed the Le Col Pro Cycling Bib Shorts they were going for a pair of bib shorts that would keep you comfortable in the saddle for the longest of days while giving you a clean subtl design. This is Yanto’s longest standing range and thousands of miles later this finished product doesn’t disappoint! 

Le Col Pro Cycling Bib Shorts 2017


  1. High quality gel chamois
  2. Comfortable bib mesh straps
  3. Silicone gripper
  4. Reflective tabs
  5. Embroidery (Le Col)

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Get 10% Discount On Pro Cycling Apparel | $199.95

The Giordana Astana Fr-C Pro Cycling Team Short Sleeve Jersey is constructed with 16 panels of premium level fabrics, which have been Specifically Designed For Giordana and are strategically utilized throughout the jersey.

The four needle flat seams are constructed of eight strong but fine threads and provide dual color contrast accents. All of this combines to create an extremely lightweight, breathable, and race ready jersey.

Giordana Astana Fr-C Pro Cycling Team Short Sleeve Jersey.jpg

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Tech Specs:

  • Unique four way stretch front panel fabric
  • Soft fabric waistband with light elastic at the interior
  • Breathable mesh under the arms
  • Super lightweight back panel
  • 190 E has woven elastic at the sleeve cuffs and the rear waistband
  • Two reflective tabs on each side of the jersey

Four total pockets:

  • Three cargo pockets with pocket lip
  • 4th zip pocket


Giordana Sales 2017 | Giordana Collections | Giordana Pro Teams

The Giordana Vero Pro Short Sleeve Jersey features a relaxed fit. The microfiber fabric, which has a unique dual interior and exterior construction, is a triple threat combating UV rays and odor as well as managing moisture to keep the rider cool and dry.

Giordana Moda Vero Pro Cycling Team 2017

Giordana Pro Teams | Coolest Accessories For Cycling. . .

Tech Specs:

  • Microfiber fabric
  • CamLock Zipper
  • Fine silicone interior waist gripper
  • Three rear cargo pockets
  • Reflective strip on the rear pocket

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Le Col HC Collection | Le Col Pro Collection 2017

The  Le Col Hc Cycling Jersey range has specifically been designed to be a combination of performance function and style!  Le Col uses exclusive Meryl Fabrics that offer exceptional heat and moisture management. This kit delivers unrivaled comfort hour after hour. 

Le Col HC Cycling Jersey

Contrasting side panels for a flash of colour, pattern or customization. New sleeves made of the Gummy Lycra Shield, which contain silicone dots to hold firmly in place. Classic color ways are on offer, but I have also included some bespoke options for something more unique.

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  • Full length zipper
  • Zipper guard
  • 3 Large pockets
  • 4th security pocket with zipper (Fits new iPhone 6)
  • Oversized silicone dot gripper
  • Reflective hi-viz safety stripe